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Gladaid GL-888AL

  • Gladaid GL-888AL
  • Gladaid GL-888AL

MYR 3,600.00

Product Code: GL-888AL


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- Commonly used in Malaysia.
- Equipped with LED lamp for latest model (since 2014)
- Equipped with two different high speed steel cutters. 
- It is very precise, thus saving time and high efficiency during duplication.


- 4 ways vise can hold until 115mm keys and any type of double side grooved key.
- Key gauge can be used to place shouldered keys on right position of grooved vise.
- The 4 ways vise enables more precise measurements while duplicating keys.
- Extra fixing screw is added below the guide which is to protect the cutter and vise from damages while duplicating keys.


- Both upper and lower section of the vise are able to duplicate 128mm keys and special / unusual keys and yet no extra adapter is needed. 
- Vise carriage can be locked to stationary or swivel position.
- Controlled manually.
- To duplicate Semi-circular key, Square key, Round shaft key, Flat key & Square shaped keys.


Width: 360mm
Depth: 310mm
Height: 240mm
Net Weight: 20kg
Gross Weight: 22kg
Measurement: 2.48 Cubic Feet



- Single phase
- Horse Power 1/5
- 110V/220V
- 50Hz/60Hz



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