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Gladiad GL-303BHD

  • Gladiad GL-303BHD

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- Exclusive system with synchronized tilting axis permits clamp to be slanted gradually and progressively to any angle between 0 to 45 clockwise & counter-clockwise.

- The property is very useful for perfect duplication of keys with angular cuts.
- The pitch angle indicator can show you the cutting angle precisely.
- New type micro adjusting scale can help the adjusting work more precise.
- Horizontal action lever can make the cross plate which is with ball bearing to be moved smoothly & easily.
- Special designed tracer spring can make tracer have spring property to aim at the hole firstly, then cut so it help user to avoid any miss-cutting.
- While make the snake/profile cut key, user can lock both the vertical action lever & tracer spring set to fix your cutting depth.
- Cross plate intelligent control knob is special designed for slotting cut & snake/profile cuts.
- Lock it, there will have a spring property to lean against the edge of cut area automatically.
- The speed adjusting knob, you can adjust the cutter's R.P.M. upon your requirement.
- Hight precise, times save & hight efficiency.



Width: 360mm

Depth: 310mm

Height: 240mm

Net Weight: 20kg

Gross Weight: 22kg

Measurement: 2.48 Cubic Feet



HP 1/5




For Following Keys


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