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Gladaid GL-308BL

  • Gladaid GL-308BL
  • Gladaid GL-308BL

MYR 4,988.00

Product Code: GL-308BL


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Unique system with synchronized tilting axis, adjustable angle between 0-45 degrees, suitable for copying the flat oblique keys.


- Equipped with a new calibrated tracer accurary adjustment button, each rotation is 0.02mm, the depth can be positioned.

- Equipped with a tracer depth adjusted indicator for clean operation and precise adjustment.

- Equipped with a new electronic motor speed indicator, adjust the appropriate motor speed according to the needs of the workers.

- Equipped with a cross-slide smart control, specially designed for serpentine and grooved keys. Lock this button, next to the key groove, resulting in the elastic effect of the automatic modeling.

- Built-in Tubular key clamp pointing for easy duplicating.

- Equipped with a DC brushless inverter motor, quiet and energy saving.

- Equipped with new tungsten steel cutters.

- Equipped with four grid milling cutters and tracers fixture for easy access.



Width: 280mm

Depth: 385mm

Height: 415mm

Net Weight: 18kg

Gross Weight: 20kg

Cuft: 3.2'



RMP 6500~12000




For Following Keys

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